The Idea

Several years ago, I found myself on a work assignment in Basel, Switzerland. On a sunny Saturday, I decided to take a walk along the Rhine River to take in the sights and sounds of the city.

While walking I saw a man creating larger-than-life bubbles. With each bubble that he created, joyous children ran around him -- popping, jumping, and running through the bubbles.

This is where I came up with the idea for my Bubbles Project. I thought it would be fun to create my own large bubbles and bring a different human element to them.

The Photos

After many (unsuccessful) attempts to create my own large-sized bubble mixture, I eventually gave up and bought an off-the-shelf solution. I went with the Beeboo Bubble Mix. With the mixture, two long sticks with some strings attached, I was ready to start making bubbles.

Black and White

Most people are used to the rainbow colors in bubbles as they catch sunlight. But what I have found fascinating is the vibrant textures bubbles have even in black and white.

What's Next

For a long time, I have considered publishing a book on the entire series. I have amassed approximately 70+ quality photos that I would love to finally publish into a quality book.

However, more important than just publishing would be that next step of creation. I started photography in the digital age, and it was not until recently that I started appreciating the beauty and satisfaction of printing your work. And since then I have been printing like a madman on my home printer and in the darkroom.  Therefore, the next logical step is to work on publishing a book ...

Visiting Basel Switzerland

I recently visited Basel, Switzerland for a few days on business.

The office I was visiting happened to be closed on Thursday afternoon, which gave me the opportunity to have a few hours to myself. I used the time to take some shots around the city.

It had been three years since I had last visited Basel. Some things were the same, but other things were incredibly different.

While the trams still ran consistently on time, the people were still friendly, and the chocolate still superb, I was most surprised by the slowly but surely increasing diversity.  While Basel has beocme more popular, it is definitely bringing more people from varying walks of life into the city.


Circus Circus

In September 2016, a friend asked me to help by taking photos of the "Teacher's Showcase" at Aerial Artique in San Francisco.

While I had worked with performers before, this presented a unique experience as I had never formally done an actual circus event (besides my wife during her rope performances).

The show comprised of the teacher's at Aerial Artique performing on their chosen apparatus.  There was a mix of rope, silks, straps, and even whips.